Growing up a young Akanksha Sinha was a traditional child of a simple middle class family. She finished her schooling and did a masters in Economics in college, graduating top of her university. Immediately following graduation, she took up teaching Economics to B. Com students, as per the expectations and traditions of her family.

Despite having a good career, she felt dissatisfied with her life. Dreams she had during her childhood urged her to explore the more creative fields of her interest. Hoping to mute them with time she carried on with her life, without indulging into such fields.

However, these dreams only became more amplified as she ignored them and she decided to do something about them.

She began working in the old shabby garage in her home, which had since long been abandoned by her family. Eventually, it became a small workshop of sorts for her and she would design various kinds of furniture and tidbits for her friends and family. Under her, she had a group of artisans and craftsmen, who worked with her to make some of the best memories she’d had inside a garage for some one to two years, by simply joining her in this creative project she’s started, purely for fun.

This project of hers consisted of making furniture using a combination of materials varying from wood and jute to glass and brass.

Soon enough after receiving appraisal from friends and family she held exhibitions both in Bombay and Dehradun. As a direct result to this, she gained publicity in popular and local media. This gave her incentive to begin professionally.

To begin her work, she decided to complete a one-year diploma from a UK based university. The ideas which ran wild before, were now given direction and gravitas. Her thoughts became more focused and professional and immediately afterwards she began freelance interior designing. Her education had more than anything, been a moral boost for her.

At this stage this was mainly done for her friends and kin, very few of them actually involving money.

Soon enough she opted for graduation courses in Staffordshire University. Thereafter taking up large scale projects. During this time, she visited various workshops in places like Dubai and England. She obtained a lot of exposure in these places, which likewise affected her style of interiors.

She opened an architectural and interior designing firm in 2012, naming it Aakriti Perspectives. She began creating products which focused on sustainability, eco friendly living, whilst taking care of the wishes of her clients. She generally uses material like silk, wood, jute, bamboo, straw and stone. All of these being raw materials presenting an interesting combination for interior styles like, traditional, eclectic and contemporary, as well as various others.

In time her workshop went from a garage in her home to an office on Purukul road. Her success in her field inspired her brother, and he joined her business as well. She started a factory for manufacturing her designs, in Patelnagar, Industrial area, and now manages it with her brother, Animesh Saurabh. Being an MBA he implemented his talents in managing to further the company.

Today with a bunch of architects and interior designers, managers , accountants, machine operators, carpenters, paint supervisors and other staffs, the firm is trying its best to fulfil the dream. She aims to incorporate a fusion of hand made handicrafts and machine made products. To bring variety of different products in the interiors she works with many village artisans who work on her creative designs.

She believes in using local material in her designing. These materials are greatly underappreciated and she aims to use them to signify how any texture, color and material made by man, can never quite live up to that made by god.

She believes in passion with commitment and creativity without limit.

As Zaha Hadid once said-

"There are 360 degrees why stick to one"